HAWAII BIKE TOUR  - February 2018

Big Island Hawaii - North Hilo - Hamakua Coast 4 days / 3 nights

February 15-18, 2017

Face it, winter comes, and never seems to leave. Why wouldn't you want 80 degree weather and blue skies, great food, and of course bike riding in a new and different place to break up the wet, cold, and grey? Us too.

So, we have explored and researched and come up with an ideal destination. Hawaii. Join us at the beautiful Mauna Kai Orchard House north of Hilo where the Cacao and Mangosteens and Lychee grow just outside the windows. The frogs sing, the sky is filled at night with stars, and it occurs finally why they call this paradise.

What the tour includes:

30 - 50 miles of riding each day on Hamakua Coast and one day in Kohala 

Continental tropical breakfast each day

Lunch while riding each day

Dinner - two nights

Informational side visits to cacao farms, cacao processing, tea farm, tropical fish farm, botanical gardens, and more.

Cost: inclusive of bikes, helmets, double occupancy rooms, meals and events as above: $1325. per person. plus tax. We will pick you up at Hilo airport, and deliver you back if that is your next destination.