We are no longer providing water in plastic bottles. We have been thinking about this for quite some time. Often when crossing the water at the Ballard Locks here in Seattle during one of our tours. We see plastic bottles, styrofoam and other plastic things floating on the surface. It is really annoying. The statistics are alarming; We in the US use 50 BILLION plastic bottles a year....only 23% are recycled The rest are out there somewhere. If you count the rest of the million plastic bottles are made every MINUTE...........

Scientists have discovered huge floating gyres of plastic floating in the ocean. One of which is THREE TIMES THE SIZE OF TEXAS. Everywhere I have traveled in the world, one sees plastic floating in the water. 

Bicyclists need hydration, so instead giving away water in plastic bottles,   we have decided to support the folks at BOXED WATER IS BETTER by purchasing their product to provide a NEW type of water box for our riders. These mini cartons are made from 100% recycled materials, are way more recyclable than plastic ones, contain really fresh water, and make us feel a little bit better about contributing to limiting pollution.

And it gets even better. If you, while riding on one of our tours, take  and post an instagram photo of a boxed water is better while on one of our bikes, the boxed water is better people will plant TWO TREES. And trees are excellent natural devices for removing carbon from the air and storing it..

SO one small step at a time we are trying to help the planet and the next generation.

You INSTAGRAM TO #BetterPlanet 

Take a picture, spread the word. Make an Instagram post featuring Boxed Water using the #BetterPlanet hashtag and they'll plant two trees on your behalf.