Ballard/Fremont Bicycle Tour
 Salmon Ladder,    Chocolate,    Houseboats

Our Ballard, Fremont Bicycle Tour encompasses 16 miles of the area to the Northwest of downtown where we see some great sights along the way. Our route covers mostly flat terrain and is suitable for all riders. As we make our way north through city parks and on bike trails we see nature and industry combined in typical Norhwest fashion.

We arrive at the Ballard Locks to view the pleasure boats, commercial ships, and migrating salmon all passing through the same waterway built for them to share nearly 100 years ago.

We then make our way through Ballard which is always hopping on Sunday where thousands of Ballardites descend on the Farmers Market. From here we work our way to the East passing over the demarkation line of FreeLard, and enter the alternative paradise known as Fremont. I paradise one must stop briefly for tasty confections at the tasting room at Theo's Chocolates.Once fortified with organic chocolate (our bikes do have a rear rack onto which you can safely bungee your purchases) we  cross the canal heading south along the shoreline of Lake Union. After  passing the houseboat communities made famous in the movie, " Sleepless in Seattle" and stoping stop to watch seaplanes land in Lake Union we head into Amazonia. The HQ campus complex shared by and dozens of life science research labs before returning to our shop.

The Ballard, Fremont Bicycle Tour is suitable for all riders, takes 3-1/2 hours, and runs weekly. We also can do this tour for special group events. 

Price of $94. (plus tax) includes the bike (21 speeds with rear rack and fenders), mandatory helmet, a stainless steel water bottle for a memory of your trip, and our well informed tour guide to get you around and answer questions.  Booking on-line is suggested.

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