Bikes Rentals For Business Travelers

Ever think about how difficult and expensive it is to rent a car, find parking, and try to get around from hotel, to convention, to meetings?

Many travelers are discovering the ease, inexpensiveness, and joy of long term bicycle rentals while on business trips. Now you can too!

We offer multi day and multi-week rentals for the traveler coming to Seattle, who doesn't want the hassle and cost of arental car and parking that goes with it. 

Long term bike rental is seamless and very easy. Fly into the airport, take the link light rail to downtown, (only $2.75 per trip) check into your hotel, and then come on over to our shop to pick up a bike. After your days of exploring the city, making those big deals, and recovering from all that awfully good food and drink, we can arrange for you to leave the bike at your hotel for us to pick up after you've made your departure, Easy.

For short term bike rentals or for long-term bike rentals, let us here at Seattle Cycling Tours be of assistance.