Chrome Bags And Apparel

I had been looking for some nice looking and useful bike knickers for a long time. I had only seen them on a person once, and I loved all the features they offer. Stretchy water resistant fabric, pockets (including ones designed for cell phones and bike locks) , and the cool little griffon logo sewn onto the leg using reflective red thread,

Add to that list they are U.S. made (San Francisco), take their design ethos from the input of people who really do make their living on a bike - bike messengers- and you have a formula for some great stuff.

So I splurged. Bought a pair of Shotwell knickers. And then things got better.

My wife thought they looked "cute", but after she got over all that she also looked at them very carefully (she is also a professional seamstress) and said that there was no way she could make anything that well. Won't even try. She told me I should immediately order another pair of the Shotwells and a pair of the even more fully featured Loop Pro's.

The folks at Chrome know their material, how the product is really used, and know how to design and construct. and they are definitely stylin'!

So, case closed. If you need a messenger or laptop bag, some knickers a jacket, or some awesome bike or skate shoes go to the Chrome website right now. And, as of June 2014 Chrome has a store in Seattle on First Avenue. Check the very vintage shoe making machine....

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