Eyewear For Bicyclists

I could write about sunglasses, and inter-changable lenses, and all that. But what I really need when I am riding with my bike goggles on my nose, is a way to read stuff. I can see the road, my chain, the cows, cars, and signs along the road, but I can't read important stuff like the map, or the ingredients list on the beer I am sipping, or the menu at a small cafe in a tiny town in the Pyrennes.

My solution? Handy little lens stick on's from Optx 20/20. These little plastic half-moons fit into the backside of your lenses and are wonderful for us sight-impaired people who also can't ever remember where that extra pair of reading glasses are (usually left at home).

The magnifiers fit in the lower section of your regular lenses, so when you need to read some type, you just look down and voila. Focus. Just like very expensive bifocals. The inserts are removable and reusable wherever you want them ( safety glasses, driving glasses) and all those various tinted lenses your bike goggles) and come in all the major diopter sizes (1.25, 1.50, etc. )

If you need glasses to read. You need these little "helpers" when you ride your bike.

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