Hints Of Excessive Summer Bicycle Riding

Some Clues That You Love To Ride Your Bicycle

Here are some of our hints of excessive Summer bicycle riding. Share some of yours with us!!

- Your arms and legs have a much, much, deeper tan than the rest of your body.

- You have pale patches around each eye from your sunglasses.

- All of your clothing smells like sunscreen...and will for months.

- All of your clothing is designed for bike riding.

- You have a huge appetite for all types of food - all the time.

- You cant drink any liquid unless it comes from your water bottle.

- You ride around with clothes attached to your back bike rack so they will dry.

- You sleep really well at night. And can take short naps anywhere.

- Beer and Water seem about the same strength.

- The lip gloss you have been searching for is found - in a gooey mass at the bottom of a pannier.

- You can't get the song" On The Road Again" (preferably the Willie Nelson version) out of your head.

Have an amusing or insightful ( or insightfully amusing ) tip about how you know when you've been riding your bicycle A LOT! Share it with us!

And look for Hints Of Excessive WInter Bicycle Riding---coming this Winter!