Old Bicycles

Are All Around Us

If you have too many hanging around, you should consider donating them to a worthy cause.

Children love bicycles. And if there is an organization in your community that teaches kids to work on bikes and in turn they earn a bike of their own - support them with one of your bikes!

Here are some examples:
Bike Works - Seattle, WA

If you are a bike nut (er.., aficianado) Come with us on our Bainbridge Island ride and we can visit the Classic Cycles museum of vintage and restored bikes. It is quite simply fantastic, as you can see at this link here

Or perhaps there is an organization near you that ships bicycles to a country where transportation is essential, and sometimes only a bicycle is the best way to get about.

Alaffia has donated over three thousand bicycles to eager recipients in Africa.

And for a worldwide impact visit the site of Worldbike.

If however, you have bikes like the ones above and don't know what to do with them. Contact us! those "seats" look oh, so comfortable.