Seattle Bicycle Tour

Our basic Seattle Bicycle Tour. The one you want to take when to really get a feel for the history, geography, and other places to visit while in Seattle. 

Starting at our shop at the Washington State Convention Center, we get organized,  fit you onto a bike and into a helmet, and then bicycle through the Central Business District, Freeway Park, and past the Seattle Public Library, all before heading downhill to Chinatown and the busy, noisy, under-construction waterfront. We'll shout about the tunnel machine named Bertha in the busy construction zone, moving quickly into the quieter space at the base of the Space Needle and the Denny regrade neighborhood. We end our trip with a pass through Amazonia where has their main HQ. 

Book yourself in advance, it's fast, easy and recommended. 

Short on time? too much to do? Many of our riders often come right to our shop for the Seattle Bicycle Tour first thing when they arrive in town. It's ideal for orienting yourself to the geography, history, current events, and just plain fun.

Too hilly you think? We, "Iron out the hills".

Enjoy our Seattle Cycling Tour

And if you wish to do some longer trips, we offer our

Both tours offer more miles with longer forays from the hustle and bustle of downtown out into areas that will give you other perspectives of the area.