Seattle Bike Share - Pronto!

Bikeshare is here. Of course hundreds of people share their bikes with friends and family all the time, but the City of Seattle also wants to share it's bikes. For a small fee of course...Seattle Bike Share is starting small....500 bikes at first and then expanding. Target neighborhoods are Central Downtown, Belltown, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square and the Waterfront. 

The bikes are sturdy, have inline shifting, and are really designed to get you from bus stop to your workspace, and back again at the end of the day. Rates as in most cities are set so first minutes to an hour will be relatively cheap or even free if you buy a yearly pass, with rates increasing from there. Once you get upwards of three hours in rental time, the costs increase quite a bit. So for continuous hourly rental, a bike rental shop is much better in terms of bike comfort and savings in the pocketbook.

You of course know, that we here at Seattle Cycling Tours rent bikes for long term periods enabling renting a bike for many days, a week or even longer, allowing complete freedom to get around this very busy auto-centric city with ease, avoiding car rental and parking costs.

Certainly stay tuned to the City Bike Share web site to see what the newest configuration the program is taking.