Seattle Cruises

Alaska/ Seattle Cruises info 2012

The Seattle Alaska Cruise schedule dubs from April to October. in 2019 240 cruises started in Seattle. almost all headed to Alaska

What this means is that a lot of people will be coming in an out of Seattle looking for things to do, and tips on how to get around.

First off, for obvious reasons the cruise schedule for 2020 is under changing. And in 2021 a fourth terminal will be built. Currently its nice to see which of the three docks that the ships will be using.

We will update once the Corona-19 virus has [assed and he new schedules are announced. but if we don't update the web site, the schedule will eventually be posted here.

Of course, if all that shipboard food seems like too perhaps will need to book a bike tour!!

For questions about arrivals, where to go, what to expect when checking in, here's more Port of Seattle cruise info