Seattle Cycling Tours - Public Arts Tour

Seattle is a city full of public art. Art put in places where you can see it as you make your way through the city streets and sidewalks. There are over 300 pieces of public art on downtown streets, mostly there thanks to a program called 1% for the Arts which was established in the mid-1970's to insure that whenever public tax money is spent to build or remodel public buildings - 1% of the construction budget is spent on permanent arts installations for all to see and enjoy.

Our tour will wend it's way past 100+ pieces of art that are seen on downtown streets, buildings and alleys. We will even make a brief foray into the downtown transit tunnel to see some of the art that resides underground.

This approximately three -and a half hour tour is available through prior appointment only, with a minimum of two participants and no more than 9.

To make an inquiry about the Seattle Cycling Tours- Public Art tour, let us know when you want to go for a ride.

Seattle Cycling Tours- Public Arts Tour Is 3-1/2 hours in length and covers about 8 miles in the downtown core of Seattle. We supply the comfy, easy to operate, 21 speed commuter bike, a helmet, water, bicycle friendly map of the city, and an informed local tour guide to show you around. Cost is $75 per person plus local tax.