Themed Seattle Bike Tours

Cycling Tours With Purpose

Our Seattle Cycling Themed Tours are tours that are specific to an idea, subject or particular interest. They are only by advance appointment so if you have a group that wants to partake of one of these cycling tours that is little more specific - these are some of our choices. Please fill out inquiry form so we can put a reservation together for you.

On our Seattle Cycling Tours- Public Arts Tour we specifically visit approximately 100 of the 400 pieces of public art located in the downtown Seattle area. We will weave our ways through the streets of Seattle, and show, stop and discuss artworks installed for everyone to view and enjoy.

On our Seattle Cycling College Campus tour ,we circle around the city to visit the most immediate Colleges and Universities nearest the core of Seattle; Seattle University, Seattle Central Community College, Cornish School for the Arts, The University of Washington and Seattle Pacific University Campuses.

The Seattle Cycling Bio-Med/Bio-Tech/Global Health Tour encompasses the enormous growth and establishment of these forward thinking agencies and companies creating the next revolution in medicine and global health aid. Our tour includes four different stops inside four different organizations who will give presentations about their specific research focus.

Our Seattle Cycling Parks Tour finds us exploring some of the bountiful city parks in Seattle. On this tour we cycle past, around and stop to enjoy many urban parks that make living in Seattle so spectacular. Parks we will visit are Carl English Gardens, Gasworks Park, Myrtle Edwards Park, Freeway Park, Cal Anderson Park, Roanoke Park, and smaller pocket parks along the route. Again, These particular cycling tours are conducted by advance appointment only so drop us a note.