Artwork a bicyclist shouldn't miss

Seattle is rich in history, and a vast cultural mix of interesting people. Many of those people are artists, and Seattle public art is displayed proudly showing a rich civic orientation toward putting artistic work in public places.

If you are walking around or sitting in a City or County municipal building, hallway, meeting room, or entryway there is an excellent chance you will see artwork by a Seattle, or Northwest artist. It lifts my spirits when I have to go pay a parking ticket and I can see artwork on the walls.

But some of the largest installations of art can be seen right on the city streets, You just have to know where to look, and what you are looking at.

Our tour guides do their best to point out this artwork, but there is quite a lot of it, so we do offer some tips here so you can access even more. The City, County, and the Seattle Art Museum are the biggest proponents and have the most visible places for art, and for installing art but don't forget that there are a LOT of great art galleries and art events going on here as well.

This handy tour in printed form, also has audio components. See a piece of art, look it up on the 4 culture/King County map and learn more by reading or listening about what you are looking at and want to know more about.
King County Art - 4 Culture

The City of Seattle has also pushed hard to incorporate artworks into our daily lives. There is even a series of very cool utility covers throughout the city so don't forget to look down when you are finished looking up. City of Seattle Art

The Sculpture Garden on the Waterfront has a collection of massive and not so massive sculptures, a neat cafe, and it's all outside. Seattle Art Museum - Sculpture Park

Speaking of looking down at utility covers, There is also a plethora of public art in the tunnels and stations of the bus/light rail tunnel that curves underneath the city. Well worth going below ground for. Here's the handy Sound Transit brochure and map.

Seattle Public Art