Summer Bicycle Treats

Ah Summer! The sun finally gets out and then gets hotter. Summer Bicycle Treats are everywhere, and there is more opportunity to take advantage of them. The days are longer, and there is always an excuse to go for another bicycle ride.

One of the most satisfying things to do after or during a really warm day on the bike, is to start looking for those young entrepreneurs by the side of the road, card table staged with signs, cups and napkins and a pitcher of icy cold lemonade ready to serve up. Watching them, and (their watchful business manager, er.. parent/grandparent) is always amusing and fills one with hope. Customer service is earnest in intent, but not always polished,

So, next time you are riding down the road and spy a little roadside entrepreneur plying some libation, make a stop. It's just one of those many roadside bicycle riding experiences that puts a smile on your face.