WALK THIS WAY SEATTLE is an option for when rain pours from the skies, snow piles up in the streets, or wind threatens to over-fill our sails,  Seattle Cycling Tours parks the bikes and takes you in places that even bikes can't go! On foot. 

Imagine walking for blocks without seeing the clouds or feeling the raindrops. In Seattle you say?

Our walking tours are designed to show you Seattle from the inside out. Places, history, out of the way corners that are not on the "normal tour" of Seattle.

Walk through buildings and passage-ways, lobby's and up elevators and escalators seeing things that you would have never seen without a insider's help. Artwork , architecture, wide open plazas and city views.

We strive to find places that will give you pause for thought, and insight into how Seattle was, is, and will be.

Here's the schedule, more detailed descriptions, and  a place to book your spot. You will also find our bike tour schedule here as well.

Advance booking recommended.

If you don't see,  Walk This Way Seattle, on our schedule sign up for a bike ride. Here are some descriptions of where we go and what we see..