Bicycle Racks, Bicycle Storage: Form Can Follow Function

Great looking bicycle racks seen on recent journeys.

Traveling around one will notice that there are some great bicycle racks in the world, some great places to keep your bicycle stored safely in a public venue, and many many places that are not so great.

I hate bike racks are under stairs, behind a wall, out of the eye of the public Nice dark corners where people can remove parts and locks, with no one paying attention to them as they carry out their dastardly deeds.

And of course, there is the much too often occurrence of finding yourself in a public area, with not a single place to secure your bicycle safely. Usually in these cases. I avoid going into the shop, business, office...or I just wheel my bike inside.

We address bicycle rack parking etiquette because we find the world of bicycle riders need some rules too.

Tokyo Bike Storage System

View this informative You Tube video showing the ultimate bike storage system for crowded places like train and bus stations and crowded urban areas, etc.