Bicycle Commuter - Tips On Defensive Bike Care, Before - During - After a Ride

Being a bicycle commuter also means taking the responsibility for getting you and your bicycle from one place to the next safely. It is also important to treat your bicycle as you would a good friend. Check in on it every so often to make sure that it is okay, and it will look after you as well.

Before you jump on your bike make sure you have all your zippers zipped - shoes on secure, and helmet strap engaged.

Take a minute for yourself - Stretch! it may seem silly, but it is a great practice to spend a minute of two stretching arms and leg and back joints before you rush away. It also helps by giving you a minute to remember anything else you might have forgotten back in your house or at your desk. Here are some helpful basic stretching tips.

Pinch the tires if they feel low, give them some air.

Once you are on the road, your focus should be on you, yourself, and you. On a two wheeled device, moving your feet, keep yourself balanced and upright, and being very acutely aware of where every car, truck, pedestrian, other bicyclist, curb, and metal drain grate is located as you move along. See these great road tips about road hazards to remind yourself about what to pay attention to.

Of course you are wearing your helmet properly right? And do you have those lights front and back in operating condition? Having basic tool and repair information is important.

Consider too how you going to secure your bike. Making use of the proper bike rack and lock is an important consideration.

More specific information about tips that can help bicycle commuters can be found here.

And we also recommend our Seattle bicycle resources page Where we connect to all the important Seattle specific information links.

Remember too, that each time you ride your bike, you become an advocate for bicyclists everywhere. Be safe, be courteous, and think about ways you can become involved with improving bicycling in your community.