Bicycle Commuters

EVERY DAY RIDING - Discovering New Adventures -

Bicycle commuters are cycling more places every day expanding their joy of bicycle touring around the Seattle area to encompass worlds beyond.

Becoming a bicycle commuter is not our first goal when at a young age we are first faced with the challenge of mastering a bicycle. Our bikes demand that we master gravity, balance, steering and pedal power. But one day everything works just right and we begin to soar! We discover that our bikes and legs can take us everywhere. Once we meet that challenge, we have a free ticket to fun ready to use whenever we want.

Bicycle commuting is economical, safe, burns calories, and easy to do.

We at Seattle Cycling Tours want to help you discover the adventure that comes from riding your bike everyday. To work, to the store, or to a foreign shore.

Of course there are some basic things that need to be addressed before jumping on a bicycle and heading off through traffic.

Getting familiar with the bike is of course the first thing, then are some basics that bicycle commuters should follow. After that there are things like:

Finding parking in downtown Seattle
Seattle bicycle map
Maintaining equipment
Riding in all types of weather conditions
Securing the bike
Burning off calories
Seattle bicycling resources
Bicycle Tools & Repairs
Bicycle Insurance

Remember too, that each time you ride your bike, you become an advocate for bicyclists everywhere. Be safe, be courteous, and think about ways you can become involved with improving bicycling in your community.