Bicycle Locks: Protecting Your Bike

Top bike lock (recommended) designed for motorcycles. bottom cable lock (don't buy these) They offer very little protection from a determined bike thief.

You buy a bike, you buy a locking mechanism, you walk into a store or coffee bar for " just one minute", not wanting to take the time to lock up your bike. Then it's gone. Which really sucks.

So anything you can do to take those one or two steps to lock your bike up, will prevent heartache later on. Bicycle locks are one of those essential tools that every bicycle rider really needs.

There are entire groups of people that support themselves on moving from one city to another by truck, sweeping through neighborhoods stealing everything with two wheels, and transporting it all somewhere else in order to sell all the hot little shiny accessories and paint all the sellable bikes, Chop shops for bikes. Just much more mobile and invisible.

If you have ever had a bike stolen, and then gone on to report it to the police, it becomes obvious that there is little to no priority to your dilemma. Bike thefts are not a high priority for most law enforcement and hard to track. Many people don't even bother to report their thefts...or the thefts happen in the "off" season when the bike left in the garage in the fall, isn't there in the spring.

The FBI reported 262,000 bicycle thefts in 2005. Alarmingly those numbers rose in 2015 to 1.5 million. Yes, that's right, almost 4 times more in a ten year period. And those numbers only reflect only bike thefts that people report.

Here's a comparison list of the top ten cities for bicycle theft:  

         2005                                                2015

1. New York City                             1. Philadelphia.PA

2. Chicago                                      2. Chicago. Il

3. Boston                                        3. New York City. NY

4. Philadelphia                                4. San Francisco, CA

5. San Jose                                     5. Tucson, AZ

6. Los Angeles - tie                         6. Portland, OR

San Francisco - tie                          7. Denver, CO

8. Seattle                                         8. New Haven, CT

9. San Diego - tie                            9. Cambridge, MA

Washington, DC - tie                      10. Austin, TX

Portland, Oregon – tie

A dubious list to see your city on I think.

Of course, you should always purchase insurance for your bike, Add it to your renters policy, your house policy, whatever. Note the bike type and style. get the serial number off the very bottom of the crank assembly, and take pictures. Don't forget to get yourself, for those unfortunate occasions when you run into something or someone else.

Looking for a place to lock that bike up is also a consideration when you travel about. Not just any tree or sign post will do. To learn more about bicycle racks and to see a short video about a automated Japanese bike parking garage,