Bicycle Security- locks, racks, being vigilant

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One day a few weeks ago I was returning to my office and just happened to be passing the very public-in the center of a public-square location, where I had locked up my bike four hours earlier. I looked over and watched in disbelief as this guy tried to remove the skewer from the back wheel of my well secured bicycle so he could use it in his bike. NO WAY! I thought.

But it happens. If you are a bicycle commuter everything you can do to protect your trusty wheels are ideas worth pursuing.

First of all, as you roll up near the location where you need to be, carefully assess spots where you can park. Will the on-street bike rack work? or is it overfilled or worse? What if there aren't any racks nearby? If you had consulted our map of downtown Seattle Parking garages with free inside bicycle parking, You might be able to put your mind to rest about where you are leaving that bike.

Once you find an appropriate bike parking space, preferably a bike rack, be sure to follow the basic rules of bicycle etiquette so that other bicyclists can use the same rack as well.

Be sure you lock your bike securely. One recommendation is if you have a cable lock, is to thread the cable through BOTH the front and rear wheels.

Make sure ( if you are using a keyed lock ) that you put the key in your " special pocket" so you can find it later.

And then, especially if you are going to be away for a while, make sure any accessories; water bottle, computer, handlebar bag, all go with you as well, because as my example above can never be too careful.


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