Bicycles On Buses In Washington State

Transit agencies in Washington are very supportive of having bicycles on buses, trains and ferries. Here are links to most of the rules for bicyclists on public buses and ferries in Washington State. It is possible, to get on and travel on public buses all across the state with your bicycle.

Perhaps you live outside Seattle, but are in the State of Washington, well, come explore your own backyard. Getting on buses to traverse the state can be informative and fun. It is amazingly easy to jump on the bus in Eastern Washington, take a few buses, and find yourself on the West side. And it is equally adventurous to leave the green watery side of the state and bus over the mountains to the Eastern side.

Check out our bicycle commuters page for some basic checklist items.

Sound Transit Information - Puget Sound Bus/Light Rail - Bicycle Information

Metro Bicycle Information - King County Bus - Bicycle Information

Pierce Transit - Pierce County - Bicycle Information

Intercity Transit - Thurston County - Bicycle Information

Spokane Transit - Spokane County Bicycle Information

Link Transit - Chelan and Douglas Counties Bicycle Information

Everett Transit - Everett Bicycle Information

Kitsap Transit - Kitsap County Bicycle Information

Clallam Transit - Clallam County Bicycle Information

C-Tran - Clark County Bicycle Information

Community Transit - Snohomish County Bicycle Information

Washington - State Ferry Bicycle Information

Additional Important Maps; Check out our links to the many different bicycling maps for  cities and counties Washington State. it's amazing how many places want you to come visit and safely get around by bicycle. 

Of course, if you are interested in getting a Seattle tour, our Seattle tours page has info about that. Or,you can find helpful info on our Seattle Bicycle Resources page and build your own urban bike ride around Seattle.