Bicycle Stretching - Before, During and After You Ride

davinci man stretching

As with most things in life there are different views about if bicycle stretching is good, necessary, or not. As we age though, it seems better to stretch more before and after taking on serious exertion. Especially if the thing you are about to do ( like bike riding ) is something you are not used to doing on a regular basis.

Legs, arms, wrists, ankles and neck are the five places that need the most attention before, during and after a long bicycle ride. Muscles cramp up, get tight, and get tired of the same repetitive motion for hours on end. Finding a few exercises will help your ride go smoother, and are great to start the day so you won't be sore.

Here are five different exercises that address areas that a bicyclists just might find to be sore and stiff after or before that next bicycle ride.
Wrist/ankle stretch
Core strengthener
Back and leg loosener
Pigeon -for the thighs and back
Kiss your bike