Basic Bicycle Tools and Repairs

You have the bike. But what other basic bicycle tools do you need to maintain it, or to fix that occasional flat?

We have put together a little list of items you might want to consider:
Basic Tools For Fixing A Flat
Essential Bicycle Tools
Fixing a flat
Avoiding Road Hazards
Locking it up

Of course, it might be that you have no interest in working on your own bicycle. Either you don't have the time or the aptitude. This should not deter you from making sure that a qualified bicycle mechanic with the proper tools has an occasional chance to do a quick tune and once over of all the parts your bicycle that need attention.

If you are riding every day you probably want to make sure that at least twice a year, you take a ride into one of your local repair shops and let them do a once over.

I suggest that you cultivate relationships with bicycle shops at both ends of your daily commute, you never know when a derailleur cable might break, or a brake pad won't stop squealing. I guarantee you that the mechanic at the bike shop will know immediately what is wrong and how to fix.

One more thing, some people have this feeling that bike shops and mechanics are out to take advantage. I think this might just be a perceived notion left over from having one's auto repaired. I have always trusted bike mechanics implicitly, and in fact find that they have taught me much about how to maintain and care for my own bike. Very few people are running a bike shop because they are rolling in dough. They run bicycle shops because they love bicycles. So no matter where you are; in your own neighborhood, across town, or in a small mountain town in France. If you need repairs, parts, accessories, or even advice about the trail ahead. Stop in and spend some money in those
local bicycle repair shops