Bicycle Travel Companions

Traveling With Friends And Making New Ones

Personally, I always have hit the jackpot with my bicycle travel companions, being able to travel with the greatest people on those bicycle trips. Experiencing and building relationships that will live in my memories far past the time I can't ride my bike anymore.

And I know that on our next big tour to Budapest and Istanbul more adventures and some new traveling companions will await us.

But sometimes, for example, when you are on an organized tour, you don't get to choose those you are about to ride with, so the combination of a great tour leader, your own ability to focus on the good things about your trip, and realizing that once you are on your bike and riding you are captain of your own craft, all will help to make your trip enjoyable and worthwhile.

A tour leader needs to be organized, in tune with everyone's state of mind and body, and able to recognize how to bring the group together for common goals.

A tour participant needs to be little more accommodating about the foibles of others, and confidently know that, once on the road, the world is a wonderful thing.

We would of course, like to offer our bicycle touring services, should you have a group of friends that need to go for a ride. More information on how to contact us to talk about a fun trip is found on our tours page.