Bicycling To Reduce Obesity

Bicycling to reduce obesity seems like a simple enough activity to reach a simple goal. Especially when starts wondering about the amazing rise of obesity in the United States in the past twenty five years as this CDC chart shows.

Somehow, along the way, we started wanting to get places faster, and that was accomplished by jumping in the car or truck and rushing off three blocks by motor vehicle instead of walking, running or bicycling.

Then we started to do the same thing with our children; wait for a ride, or wait for the bus, and little thought was given to walking or riding, because it was not safe enough on the streets or sidewalks.

But now that choice to be inactive, is catching up with us as a society.

Diabetes affects about 7% of all Americans, and it continues to grow, bringing a whole host of other diabetes related problems and costs along with it.