Bike Rentals Seattle - A Convenient Option When Traveling

Bike Rentals when traveling can be a convenient way in overcoming the lack of a bike. Rental shops usually have rates for hourly, half day, full day and week long time periods. But, if you have time it is always good to check them out on-line before you go.

Here are some questions to ask.

- What types of bikes and in what sizes do they provide?

- Do they provide helmets?

- Should you bring a water-bottle? (or buy one of theirs as a souvenir).

- Do you need to bring bike shoes? (nice to have your own).

- And will your shoe clips work in their pedals?

- Can you bring your own pedals?

- What do they charge?

- Is there a deposit required?

- It's also good to find out when they open and close, so you don't get stuck trying to return a bike to a shop that is closed.


One new option is to use the bike share in Seattle called Pronto. for a fw hours you can scoot across the city having your own adventure. Here's more PRONTO information.

Of course, you could contact us for a tour and we would happily provide you with a great tour of the Seattle urban area, talk about the history of the city and region, and provide a bicycle, helmet, blinky lights, local bike map and a nifty little bell. 

Of course we rent bikes too, days and even weeks, allowing you to have the freedom to see the city by bike on your own. We are centrally located downtown. Check out our information page on bike rentals. 

For more information about getting around visit our Seattle Bicycling Resources page for a compendium of information about biking in Seattle. Or go directly to this map showing where you can find other bike renting shops in the Seattle area. 

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