Biking Off That Holiday Dinner

The great part about holidays are all the fine meals that are partaken with friends and family, and the resultant leftovers which can make for easy snacks: breakfast. lunch, and dinner.

But the calories that one gains over the holiday season, especially the winter holiday season when one is apt to roll up like a little bear for a little nap during the quickly darkening days, suddenly appear in the form of tighter clothes, widening waistlines, and a distinct sense of carrying extra baggage next time you head off on your bike.

We found this nice chart showing two versions of a traditional holiday meal; the calorie laden, lip-licking, " oh my stomach hurts" version, and one not quite so grand but easier on the calorie intake.

The striking thing about the two versions on this chart is quite a range. Four-thousand, five hundred calories versus 1,200. Shocking isn't it....even more shocking is the amount of bike riding one needs to do to stay even in the calorie department.

In one of our previous inquiries about calorie burning while bicycling we discovered that approximately 8 minutes of steady pedaling are needed to burn off one whole prepare yourself for this...but in order to wear off all that full calorie 4,500 calorie holiday turkey meal is going to 562 minutes, or 9 and a half hours... Yikes! that's a long day in the saddle.

On the other hand, if you opt for the lower calorie version of the holiday meal as seen on our chart, of around 1,200 calories, only 2.5 hours on the bike are needed.

All in all this is good information to think about. Perhaps we should all consider bicycling to Grandma's house and biking home again in order to even things out. Especially if she lives about 60 miles away!!