Calorie Burning From A Bicycle Seat

Calorie burning while on your bicycle is great if you want to lose weight, as it will magically burn off the extra ones while you peddle along the trail.

Of course you will be tempted by the many bakeries that abound along the way. In Seattle there are quite a few of these places to tempt. More detail of bakeries in Seattle can be found here.

And how about those holiday meals? Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners are loaded with caloric opportunity, and for many of us, once the holidays melt away the calories are not quite so quick to follow. Getting back on the bike (or better yet, STAYING on the bike when winter comes) is the best way to keep those pounds from taking over.

Here's a little chart that shows just how many calories are in that delicious meal.

As you increase your riding time and effort, the calorie burning will add up, so you want to make sure that you replenish your calories as you go along. One reason that professional cyclists snack their way through a race event, is that they will burn as many as 7,500 calories during a 4-5 hour race. Keeping their energy levels topped up is critical to maintaining their high speeds for such long periods of time.

The loss of 3500 calories is equivalent to the loss of one pound of body weight, if you have fat to burn that's great, but if you have little body fat, you can deplete your body's reserves fairly fast. And burning them off too fast is not a good thing.

Here is a chart that shows the amount of time it takes to burn off calories from certain foods while riding a bicycle:

bicycling and calories

As a result of burning off those calories, you may find that there are are a few stiff muscles lurking about. You could try some stretching exercises featured on our Bicycle Stretching Page for a little relief from those aches and pains.

Cycling For Food Credits

When visiting Copenhagen's Crowne Plaza hotel, one can earn food while doing some spinning on a stationary bicycle. As reported by the BBC, guests of the hotel can earn food credits (€26) while spinning on the hotel's bikes, in return the hotel gets to keep the electricity generated. For each 10 watts generated, (which takes about fifteen minutes) a voucher is earned by the hotel guest. This program started in April of 2010, and hopefully will catch on everywhere. --let's see, three hours of spinning earns over €300 worth of food--hmm a trip to Europe is looking better and better all the time.