A Rain Strategy Will Keep Your Cycling Commute Dry

Devise a Rain Strategy for Riding Your Bicycle in the Rain -

You can ride in the rain. It can be fun.


* Tight fitting hat that will go under your helmet- also known as a skull cap.

* Long fingered - thermal and waterproof gloves that allow plenty of flexibilty to grab the brake levers and work the shifters easily.

* Rain jacket. Something that won't get heavier as it gets wetter. and will shed most water

* Extra socks. If you commute - there is nothing more unhappy than putting the mornings wet cold socks back on one's feet before heading home at night. So carry an extra pair

* LAYERS! undershirt, shirt, vest, jacket - Sure it might get warm, but you'll be a lot less wet.

Click below to see a short video of tips for riding safe in the rain from San Francisco bicycle coalition. The video runs about 4 and a half minutes.

SF bicycle riding in the rain video

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