Seattle Bicycle Rental 

pricing and terms

We are often asked about our Seattle bicycle rental pricing and terms. Well, here are answers to your questions. If bikes are available, we will attempt to accommodate your request. However we are often out, giving tours, but there are still three real bike shops located downtown that rent bikes.

Typical 21 Speed Rental Bike With Rack and Fenders

Often we are out on a tour, or even closed. But we know how much you would like to ride a bike right this minute. So we have included a map and listing of other local Seattle bicycle rental possibilities.

The other options for getting around the City of Seattle  are those do-it-yourself electric bikes that are hideously heavy, and can cost a lot especially if you bike for a long bit of time.   We don't name them here because they have tons of money and advertise by allowing their bikes to be parked wherever. This is an opportunity for those with a short bicycle riding agenda in mind. But not so much if you really want to explore. Also it is city and county law to wear a helmet when riding, but , with the ride share bikes, no worries, everyone just looks the other way. If you fall off without a helmet, it's all on your head.