Seattle Bicycle Repair Shops

It's handy to know where to find some mechanical help or a source for bicycle part. This map of local Seattle bicycle repair shops will help you find a location that is close to you.

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If you are a bicycle commuter and all of a sudden the winter rains stop and the sun breaks through, giving you the idea that it's time to jump on your bicycle, don't expect that the mechanic team can get to your bike right away. If you are needing a tune-up on your bicycle Plan ahead- sometimes they may need 2 weeks advance notice during the busy times of the year. So if you are looking to drag the bike out of winter storage and get it ready for the season, do it before spring arrives. Usually the mechanic at your local bicycle store can give much more attention to your needs during their slow times.

Call for an appointment - I have always had bicycle shops try to "work me in" if they can have some advance notice.

If you show considerate to the mechanic, then the one time when you really need your bike fixed right away-they are more likely to take care of you.

Ask your family and friends for gift certificates at the local bike shop to commemorate birthdays, holidays, or graduation events, they will always come in handy for new goodies for yourself like tools or for getting repairs, or tune-ups that you really want and need.

Think about purchasing a new bicycle in August. This is when the season slows down, the old models need to be cleared out, and you can get a deal.

And when buying that bike, always get a bicycle "fitting" so you will ride in comfort for years to come.

And when you are thinking about places to go on that newly repaired or purchased bicycle, check out our bicycle touring Seattle page for more ideas of where to go. And of course, if you want to arrange a group of friends to go on a tour of the area, contact us and we can work with you to make a local tour happen.