Seattle Cycling Tours - Spring 2012

An overview of cycling with Seattle Cycling Tours

We are expanding again for the new season. We are incorporating some longer rides, and also adding a muti-day ride or two for those who want to really get out for a few days and see the Washington State countryside by bike.

Partial Day Events - Urban Seattle Cycling Tours

* Intro To Seattle Tour *

Our two hour Urban Cycling Tour of downtown Seattle is one that our patrons find to be informative, fun, and easy. This tour encompasses the Central Business District, Chinatown, Pioneer Square, The Waterfont, Seattle Center and South Lake Union, giving visitors the opportunity to "see all" of Seattle in one ride.

* Seattle Public Art Tour *

There are over 500 works of art along the streets of downtown Seattle, most being part of the 1% for arts program are supported by city, county and state taxpayers. We will travel for two and a half hours, and take in some of the most outstanding examples of these art programs that have been in place since 1972.

* Bainbridge Island Bike Tour *

We leave our downtown Seattle offices catching a few highlights along the way. THen we board a Washington State Ferry for the trip to Bainbridge Island where we explore one of the most visited communities in central Puget Sound. Smell the trees, see the sea, and ride along bike friendly back roads and main highways. This 4-1/2 hour tour averages about 20 miles and we include the bikes, ferry fees, and a snack.

* South Lake Union Bio-Med Tour *

South Lake Union has pushed up out of the ground like a wildflower. Six years ago there was very little here. Now it is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the country. We call it Amazonia because Amazon. com is headquartered here in 2.5 million sq feet of office and with over 15, 000 ( and counting ) employees. But there are also many boundary breaking bio-med and bio-tech firms here as well. Pushing to solve major medical questions, and tackling global health initiatives. This 3 hour tour will give a history of the neighborhood, explore where the bio-meds are located, and will include presentations at three organizations so we can learn more about all the wonderful things that are being worked on here.

Multi Day Bike Touring

* Walla Walla, Washington Wine Country!! *

THis year we will expand our riding horizons to include some other farther flung and more remote regions of Washington State where the riding is fantastic and the amenities abound. Walla Walla is home to over 100 wineries, organic beef growers, and lies adjacent to the Columbia River. Our four day/three night adventure will take place October 3 - 6th.