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Seattle Cycling Tours - Puffy T-Shirts

Our graphics wizard has been scheming up new things while maintaining our high graphics profile. We had talked about shirts for a while while many of you that have ridden with us, kept asking for a t-shirt, as a wool sweater does you no good if you are in Florida or Texas, or the outback of Australia. SO here it is. One color. Straight forward graphics with a puffy twist. the lettering is DIMENSIONAL....people will be running their fingers over these spiffy graphics. Shirts are heather red, come in small, medium, large or extra-large sizing. We mail them to you. Perfect gift to remember that mid-seasons bike ride in Seattle. $21.95 each.
T-Shirts I need em!

Seattle Cycling Tours - Embroidered Hats

Our 100% cotton embroidered hats are great looking, help keep the sun and rain out of ones face, and well....hats. Order a hat today

Seattle and Northwest Themed Cycling Sportswear

Kaidell sportswear is producing bicycle jerseys just for the Northwest cyclists in mind.

To see all of the Kaidel jerseys and to order online

Gift Certificates

Puzzled as to what to get for gifts for your family or friends? How about a gift certificate to join us on one of our tours of Seattle. Imagine their surprise when you mail them one of these in the mail.
GIft Certificates are priced according to pricing for one person on our 2 and 4+ hour rides.

Two hour long city tour $55.00 plus local tax

Four and a half hour extended Saturday morning ride to Bainbridge Island $135.00. Plus Tax. Contact us using the form below for Bainbridge Island certificate

Gift Certificate Request

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Bainbridge Island Tour $135.00 plus tax
Two persons for Bainbridge Island Tour $270.00 plus tax

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