Steep Seattle Bicycle Hills - A Map

Need some seriously steep Seattle bicycle hills to bicycle up and down? For all of you needing a nice hilly, urban path to climb up and speed down, this map will help you find them.

We at Seattle Cycling Tours can be a resource to help you find, or avoid all the hilly parts depending on your cycling preference. If you are visiting Seattle and have questions check out this map.

This Google map showing steep Seattle bicycle hills can better prepare you for the possibilities of biking around the city. Directions and percentage of the grade for each hill is shown here. There are a few more that aren't shown here but the main thing to remember is that once you get to the top, you get to ride back down..FAST!

And if you have had enough of just riding up and down steep Seattle bicycle hills, you could go on tamer tour of the region on one of our many tours. Check out our guided tours there's lots of fun to choose from.