Travel Bicycles - They fold, get smaller, and are fun to ride

Throughout history, at least bicycle history, travel bicycles have made it easy to travel with your two wheeled friend. Bicycles that come apart, or morph into something smaller and more compact for travel have been around for quite some time. Even before the first Bike Friday appeared in 1991, there were bicycle manufacturers coming up with many ways to break a bicycle down into an easily transportable piece of luggage that could be turned back into a rideable bike once one arrived at their destination.

In the past fifteen years or so there have been amazing additions to this trend. Mainly because the cost of transporting a full-sized bicycle has become more and more expensive.

IN the past year or two, it is getting much harder to travel with your regular sized bike in it's regular sized box both on domestic and especially on international flights - anything larger than 26 inches x 26 inches x 10 inches, and weighing more than 50 pounds passes from being considered luggage, to being categorized as baggage. And once your bike becomes baggage it start getting expensive to transport it from place to place.

Here is a list of current

charges for bicycles on airplanes and trains.

Of course, there are times when traveling with your bike just won't work out, we understand this, and know what it's like to arrive in a city and realize, "Drat. I wish I had my bike to ride" SO rent a bike.